Making your Catering order

Our gold platter

Has 70 items on as follows:
  1. 10 mini quiches
  2. 10 sausage rolls
  3. 10 stuffed eggs
  4. 10 mini cheese muffins
  5. 10 samosas
  6. 10 salmon mouse eclairs
  7. 10 meatballs
Price R300.00

Our Silver platter

Has 60 items on as follows:
  1. 10 stuffed eggs
  2. 10 mini quiches
  3. 10 cheese puffs
  4. 10 sausage rolls
  5. 10 assorted cold meats
  6. 10 mini chicken kebabs or chicken-wings in honey
Price R300.00

Our Sandwich platter

  1. Has 40 rounds of sandwiches
Price R200.00

Making your Cake order

Before you call us:

  1. Do you have any specific inscriptions required?

    10 Word Maximum please
  2. Do you have a specific date that it is required by?
  3. What is the cake size? (estimated portions required?)
  4. What is your cake filling?
  5. What colour should the cake be?
  6. Should you consider allegies - some cakes may contain nuts - should these be excluded?
  7. What colour should the Inscriptions be?
  8. Do you require candles, sparklers or other?
  9. It is assumed to be for collection only unless you let us know before the payment. NB: Delivery is extra and may not always be possible
  10. Our cakes are made with vegetable fats and contain dairy products

You should know

  1. At least 24 hours notice needed for most of our cakes
  2. All our cakes are hand made, fresh to order and to your design... As a result, all cakes designs may differ slightly
  3. Cakes are made by our established bakers. Kitchens are vetted and approved.
  4. Cakes are all made to measure and can be made according to your required servings
  5. .

Storing your cakes!!

  1. Keeping your cake best to the end
  2. We recommend the following to keep your cake tasty to the end
  3. Do not put the cake in your fridge (other than fresh cream or other diary cakes).
  4. Fruitcake lasts longer than other cakes - but we recommend you wrap in foil